以Vender of Carefully Choice為本,Vencal在世界各地尋找安全原料與天然配方,經過嚴謹的研發過程與通過各項國際檢驗,提供對人體無負擔的天然保養調理聖品,希望透過視覺的品牌識別,傳遞生活節奏,身體舒壓的品牌價值。


Vencal is a global reseach team, based on Vender of Carefully Choice, to discover the finest ingredients from the four corners of the globe.  The products’ development have carefully passed the international inspections. The natural and non-toxic products are good for health and lighten people’s burden. VENCAL is applying its brand identity to deliver a new message of uplifting life style. The brand value can help VENCAL to stand out from a range of known skincare products in the market.

Sharping the ideas of selecting the finest ingredients and non-toxic chemical skills, the symbol, shows at up alphbet C, is designed as the abstract serum. Each alphbet emphasises the best result formulated from the test tube. The graceful leaf presents the natural-oriented.