Taipei Zoo Signage Systems






The Taipei Zoo has a history of more than 100 years since 1914, making it the largest zoo in Taiwan and the most representative zoo in Asia. Before the epidemic, there were more than 3 million visitors from domestic and abroad every year.

We strike a balance among image creativity, educational significance, easy recognition and adaptability, which is implemented into the planning of the signage system in order to integrate the new indicator system design into the overall park environment for a better park experience.

We design the geometric line style to outline slightly interesting animal pattern symbols, presenting various physiological characteristics without losing educational significance. In addition to presenting a new atmosphere, it also makes it easier for visitors to identify and recognize animals.

In terms of color, the relevant color tone is extracted based on the representative animals and habitats of different display areas, and the color plan is formulated as well.In the planning of the indicator system, due to the large number repetition of index signs and the overall lack of systematization in the Taipei Zoo, we adopt subtractive logic to integrate and delete the signs with inappropriate information or clutter the park. Also, we adjust the patterns of the signs according to the on-site investigation.

We allow users or visitors to easily spot both the aesthetic and practical indicators at any time. They will not particularly find the existence of the indicators when they are not needed, which is the core spirit of this design project.