Fleurgie Skincare

Thousands of flowers, One drop of essence


Skin Essentials(M)Sdn Bhd


Fleurgie保養品品牌是馬來西亞深耕多年的知名臉部SPA連鎖店品牌Herbaline集團所推出。以獨到的配方萃取各種花朵的精華,針對30歲以上的輕熟女性,滿足臉部肌膚要求更高滋潤的需求為主。 Fleurgie為法文的「花Fleur」和「能量Energie」的結合,意指萃取花朵的精華結合最新的科技所打造花的能量保養品。

以共好真誠「善」、聚焦研究「研」、天然美質「樸」、完美平衡「禪」作為Fleurgie的以消費者為導向的品牌價值,並淬煉出「Thousands of flowers, One drop of essence」的品牌標語,傳達品牌取千萬花朵之精華,只為成就一滴美好能量的精神,呵護每個顧客最珍貴的肌膚。

Fleurgie care products are launched by Herbaline Group, a well-known Malaysian facial spa chain. Fleurgie’s unique formula, which extracts the essence of flowers for women over 30 years old who require more moisture for their skin. Fleurgie is a combination of the French words “Fleur” (Flower) and “Energie” (Energy), which means extracting the vitality of the flower by advance technology.

Fleurgie holds “Sincerity”, “Research”, “Pristine”, and “Balance” as brand value. The brand slogan “Thousands of flowers, One drop of essence” epitomizes our pursuit to care for each customer’s most precious skin.

The logo design is based on the classic Roman lining, combining elements of plant extracts to convey the brand’s connotation of quality and refinement; “g” of the logo refers to Goodness, Guarantee, and Gracefully, symbolizing the preliminary intention of product research and development to create high quality care products. As for the choice of colors, the dark grey color symbolizes professionalism and self-effacing, while the gold symbolizes the rare essence extracted from thousands of flowers.